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Logistics Drone Solution
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UAV logistics solutions

Chapter 1 Preface

The development of China's aviation logistics industry is ushering in an important opportunity period.In recent years, with the improvement of residents' consumption ability and the change of consumption mode, the sustained and rapid growth of express, special goods and cross-border e-commerce has brought a lot of air transportation demand and put forward higher requirements for the air logistics industry. Meanwhile, the "one belt, one road" and the pilot area of trade and other national strategies and the intensive publication of promoting the logistics industry to reduce the cost and increase efficiency have also put forward new and higher requirements for the development of aviation logistics industry.

Chapter 2: application of UAV in Logistics

Automated UAV express system uses UAV instead of manual delivery of express, aiming to realize the automation, unmanned and informatization of express delivery, improve the delivery efficiency and service quality of express, so as to alleviate the contradiction between express demand and express service ability.The implementation of this system can effectively deal with the huge increase of orders, eliminate the risk of "warehouse explosion" of express, improve the service quality of express industry, reduce the delay rate, damage rate, loss rate and express complaint rate of express, reduce the operation cost, warehouse cost and labor cost, improve the competitiveness of the industry, and make the delivery of express more safe, reliable and quick.

At present, SMD logistics UAV has been used in point-to-point transportation between warehouses of logistics enterprises. In particular, it is widely used in scenes with inconvenient ground transportation such as crossing islands, mountains and deserts, and has played a great role in the logistics industry. On July 15, 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the first commercial UAV delivery, marking a milestone in the development of such a system.In the future, the role of UAV will be enhanced and even replace the fleet in some cases, which will have an important impact on energy consumption, public safety, personal privacy, air pollution, urban noise and air traffic management, road congestion, urban planning and consumption patterns in urban areas. Realize the automation, visualization, controllability, intelligence and networking of logistics through UAV, so as to improve the utilization rate of resources and the level of productivity.

Professional logistics box

2.1Case of cross sea transportation of  SMD logistics UAV

Test background

In order to further test the communication quality and reliability of UAV in different environments, strict tests are carried out in a variety of scenarios, and an internal original database is established to pave the way for large-scale applications.

Chapter 3: Solutions of SMD UAV system

3.1 Conceptual design

3.1.1 Follow and reference standard specifications

The system scheme design is mainly based on:

1.        1.GJB 150.1A-2009 environmental test method for military equipment laboratory

2.        GJB 1389 system electromagnetic compatibility requirements

3.        GJB 1403 General specification for installation and test of airborne electronic equipment

4.        GJB 4108-2000 Army test specification for Military Small UAV system

5.        GJB 5433-2005 General requirements for UAV system

6.        GJB 5434-2005 UAV system test method

3.1.2 System composition

SMD UAV system consists of flight system, ground control system and mission load system. As shown below:

Figure 3 ‑ 1 Composition diagram of SMD UAV system

3.1.3 Overall scheme

SMD UAV system can control the flight of UAV through remote control and box intelligent ground station.Through the HD image transmission system, the monitoring video in the monitoring area can be transmitted back to the ground station and command center in real time, so as to provide effective on-site information for the command department at the first time.

The overall system architecture is shown in the figure below:

3.2 Technical characteristics of SMD UAV system

3.2.1Technical parameters of V330 UAV system.