Longer endurance, more intelligence
New product release of SMD unmanned Airport -- the first successful delivery of China Telecom Tibet project!
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In recent years, with the increasing application of industrial UAV in various fields, the frequency and importance of UAV have increased.However, how to realize a series of functions such as unmanned, automation and intelligence is a new round of demand put forward by users.Therefore, the automatic unattended UAV Airport / hangar is favored by the public users with its "package" solution ability.Nowadays, UAV airports have been gradually applied to power, logistics, patrol inspection, photovoltaic, water, pipeline, transportation and other scenes.

In early July, Shenzhen SMD UAV successfully completed the delivery of China Telecom Tibet UAV hangar project.It is understood that this product delivered this time is a new product developed by SMD UAV - full intelligent unmanned patrol system.The system can realize long-distance route planning, unattended, autonomous operation, automatic charging, AI data analysis, etc.

Six advantages of intelligent aviation UAV hangar control platform software

01 open source software to achieve full category compatibility

SMD UAV operation platform software is open source software, which can be compatible with all kinds of models on the market, including UAV, unmanned ship and unmanned vehicle.It can match non open source flight control rotorcraft and open source rotorcraft, and comprehensively manage all brands of vertical takeoff and landing UAVs on the market.

According to different models, different schemes can be selected to replace the battery or charge, so as to ensure that the UAV can carry out high-frequency and intensive operations.

02 Cloud storage to prevent loss

The software platform is controlled by the computer and combined with the cloud, and important data is stored in the cloud to prevent loss.The basic control program is installed on the computer. Due to different customer requirements and usage habits, the functions and interfaces can be customized.The development and control software platform can also hand over the control right of PTZ camera and real-time image transmission, and connect the control right of PTZ camera and real-time image transmission to the monitoring system or command center for control and shooting.

03 Hierarchical management of data security

The data, video and communication links from the UAV to the hangar and from the UAV to the control platform software can be transmitted through 4G or 5G channels of telecommunications, or point-to-point microwave transmission, which can be selected according to security and user needs.The instructions sent from the control platform software are first transmitted to the cloud of the Telecom server, and then to the UAV or hangar from the cloud of the server. This transmission mode ensures data security through deep integration with 4G and 5G of Telecom.

04 Ultra high route planning mobility

The UAV control software platform can not only carry out the scheduled orbit flight through the route, but also directly adjust the non flying route temporarily or fly at the designated point through the control software platform.The platform data delay is only 0.8 seconds, which greatly reduces the flight risk caused by temporary route change in the face of emergencies.

05 Operating platform customization

Operation platform: when user-defined options are selected, routes can be customized or merged.Such as self inspection, take-off, route flight, landing, battery replacement and other user-defined actions to realize one key whole process operation.When carrying out a fast flight mission in an emergency, it can save a lot of time and improve work efficiency.

06 Download to meet user needs

There are various ways to save and download the video of task operation, which can not only ensure the security of data, but also facilitate users to download and use.The video captured by the UAV is stored in the UAV fuselage and uploaded to the telecom cloud through 4G or 5G for backup. Users can retrieve and download from the cloud through the control platform software after task operation as needed.

SMD UAV is committed to providing highly intelligent UAV automatic flight system and solutions for UAV applications in the industry. SMD has not only tilt rotor UAVs suitable for long-distance, but also multi rotor UAVs for medium and short-distance.Nowadays, the addition of fully intelligent unmanned patrol system makes its category more perfect and will provide customers with more perfect and complete UAV services.Finally, we also look forward to the wider application of the new UAV hangar of SMD in the future market.