Longer endurance, more intelligence
V380GY (Jindiao)

V380GY(Jindiao) VTOL UAV combines the advantages of multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAV

Adopts High strength lightweight fuselage structure: The fuselage adopts high strength carbon fiber composite material, through the body mechanism strength analysis and structural optimization, in order to ensure the body mechanism mild, stiffness and minimize the weight of the structure. Wings and tails can withstand 3G overload without structural damage. Excellent aerodynamic design: the blended wing body design is adopted to minimize the body shape resistance on the premise of ensuring the volume of the payload cabin. After several CFD simulation analysis and optimization, the upper counter Angle design increases the cross-wind capability of the aircraft and contributes to more accurate flight routes.

①.The lift rotor adopts the design of four axes and eight propellers to greatly improve the vertical lift in the thin air environment;

②.Tail thrust;

③.Independent R&d intelligent flight control system;

④.Blended wing body excellent aerodynamic design;

⑤.Large space large payload 10kg lidar one-step adaptation;

⑥.High-strength, lightweight composite material fuselage structure 。