Longer endurance, more intelligence.
Cloud II Professional-Grade Hexacopter Dedicated to Security, Protection and Logistics
Cloud II is a professional-grade hexacopter developed by SMD. It uses foldable aircraft arms that could be quickly unfolded for operation and great portability. With the autopilot, the drone is able to autonomously take off, land, hover and cruise. The flexible payload options let the drone carry various payload devices including high resolution camera, thermal infrared imager, loud speaker, and so forth. Therefore Cloud II is being widely used to a wide variety of industries such as military and police surveillance, search and rescue, disaster relief security inspection, survey and mapping, traffic control, etc.
Cloud II Multi-Rotor UAV
Multipile Release & Camera
18X Dual Light Camera System
3-Axis gimbal stabilization for stabilized images. The 18x zoom camera is able to identify car plate, people and other small objects up in the air. Therefore the drone is being widely used in monitoring, emergency situations, etc.
Aerial Loud Speaker Module
With wide angle fixed-focus camera, the drone is able to monitor the target area in real-time. The module is capable of playing pre-stored police soundtrack or communicate from the loud speaker in real time. In emergent situations, the drone can effectively warn criminals and help evacuate civilians.
Thermal Infrared Imager
Three resolution options 1024*768/640*480/480*320 are available and pseudo color function is supported for night-time inspections.
Poison Gas Detection Module
Four kinds of gas detection probes are built in the module. The probes can be switched at any time. The concentration of the gas being detected in the detection area can be seen on the GCS.