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SMD UAV V380 Pro Logistics Edition - Longer Flight Time, Larger Load, Faster Delivery

V380 PRO vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone is a simple and efficient pure electric logistics drone. It has the characteristics of long battery life, heavy load, fast speed and easy disassembly. It is widely used in emergency supplies transportation in cities, mountains and islands.
At present, there are more than 100 sets of V380 UAVs of various versions flying around the world. As the industry’s first vertical take-off and landing UAV with a tilt rotor design, the V380 body adopts a wing-body fusion design, and a large-capacity cargo compartment is equipped in the middle of the fuselage. The warehouse adopts a top-opening design, which is convenient for loading materials and maintenance of internal equipment.

The aircraft is characterized by its large payload and high rate of climb, and has set a record of climbing to a ceiling of 5,400 meters in 22 minutes. At the same time, the maximum payload of the aircraft reaches 8 kg, which is close to about one-third of the take-off weight, which is similar to the conventional skidding fixed-wing UAVs.

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