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Illegal Emissions Escape Nowhere -SMD V330 Series Drones Make their efforts

With the continuous development of the times and the rapid improvement of the economic level, the environmental problems brought about by excessive development have become one of the hot topics in the world, and the importance of environmental governance and protection has become increasingly prominent.

At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, my country proposed that to adhere to the concept of green development, we must adhere to sustainable development, and environmental protection is the core of all this. Strengthening environmental governance can effectively promote the establishment of a green and long-term development system.

Traditional environmental monitoring and law enforcement mainly rely on manpower. The workload is heavy, time-consuming, and costly. It is difficult to trace the root causes of violations, which can no longer meet the actual operational needs. Facing this series of problems, SMD UAV has applied advanced UAV technology to launch a systematic solution for environmental monitoring and governance, using UAVs to conduct all-weather aerial inspections and aerial photography law enforcement, effectively overcoming the difficulty of obtaining evidence solve the problem of environmental pollution that is difficult to find, supervise, and trace the source, so that illegal sewage discharge has nowhere to hide and promote environmental protection.

SMD UAV is an industry-leading provider of industrial-grade UAV solutions, covering UAV system research and development, production, sales, training technology and flight services. The company’s products include tilting and vertical fixed-wing UAVs, compound-wing vertical and vertical fixed-wing UAVs, multi-rotor UAVs, etc., which have been widely used in environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring, environmental emergency, environmental protection and other fields. And continue to deepen the industry application. The multiple improvements in the overall performance, cost performance and economic benefits of SMD UAV products have gradually made the positive role of UAVs in environmental monitoring and law enforcement gradually apparent.

— SMD Drone Environment Monitoring Overall Solutions —

The overall solution adopts the V330A UAV V330A, which is equipped with gas detection, infrared thermal imaging, full-frame tilting five-camera, medium-frame orthophoto camera, high-performance multi-spectral camera and other load modules, to realize diversified Aerial three-dimensional environmental monitoring operations.
Product Introduction
SMD V330A UAV adopts four-engine dual-independent tilt-rotor vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing design, high-strength and lightweight composite material fuselage, better aerodynamic layout, capable of rapid take-off and landing on complex terrain, and has a maximum battery life of more than 200 minutes With an excellent battery life of more than 250 kilometers and a total range of more than 250 kilometers, it is far ahead in the field of pure electric vertical lifting, and can efficiently complete long-distance environmental monitoring and law enforcement tasks under adverse terrain conditions.

The V330A UAV has a large-capacity load compartment, which is compatible with a variety of high-end surveying and mapping equipment. It is also equipped with a GNSS redundancy design. It can choose dual RTK modules or PPK post-difference modules. It has higher precision and more accurate surveying and mapping. It is environmentally friendly in drones. There are excellent advantages in the field of topographic survey.

Airborne Module Introduction

1. Gas Detection Module

2. 30x Dual Light Tracking Pod Q30TIR

3. Full Frame Tilt Penta Camera

4. Medium format ortho camera iMX 100

ISO, shutter speed, aperture, advanced features, focal length and high-precision IMU/GNSS positioning can be set wirelessly.

5. High Performance Multispectral Camera

High-performance 6-channel multi-spectral camera, each channel uses a 1.2Mp high dynamic range global shutter CMOS detector, a total of 17 bands are available in the range of 400nm-900nm, and has a variety of band configuration options.

  • For air quality monitoring, SMD has launched an environmental pollution monitoring program, which can observe the air, soil, vegetation and water quality from a macro perspective, monitor the changes of various indicators in the air from the air in real time, discover the source of exhaust pollution in time, and provide decision-making basis for environmental protection.

  • For water pollution monitoring, SMD has launched a water pollution monitoring solution to monitor water pollution from the air in real time, quickly and accurately, and obtain image data at the first time to solve the problem of difficult evidence collection for environmental pollution.
  • In response to the monitoring of illegal operations of enterprises, SMD has launched aerial inspections and illegal construction investigation solutions to timely conduct investigations of illegal mining and illegal construction of enterprises, providing evidence support for on-site investigation and law enforcement by environmental protection departments.

  • In response to environmental emergencies, SMD has launched an environmental protection emergency monitoring plan, which can locate the source of environmental pollution in a timely manner, quickly follow up and monitor the development of sudden environmental pollution incidents in real time, formulate a reasonable response plan, and minimize losses to the greatest extent.

Actual User Case

The main pillar industries in Shaanxi Province include petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, etc., which bring economic prosperity to the local area, but also cause environmental pollution to a certain extent. Comprehensive environmental monitoring and law enforcement is imperative. However, when the local environmental protection department reviewed a series of cases, the scene pictures provided by the staff were affected by the outside world, and it was difficult for personnel to enter the core area of the dangerous situation, which could not truly reflect the scene situation and affected the qualitative nature of the case.

UAVs have many advantages such as wide field of view, dynamic tracking, and flexible maneuvering. They can greatly improve the procuratorial technical work level of environmental protection departments and promote the scientific and technological mode of handling cases. They are actually a sharp tool for environmental protection monitoring.

This time, the Shaanxi Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau purchased a total of 6 long-endurance tilting drones V330A from SMD at one time, and the SMD technical team rushed to Xi’an, Xianyang, Hancheng, Baoji, Weinan, Tongchuan, etc. Delivery and acceptance in each city, using V330A UAV equipped with diversified task modules, based on the comprehensive monitoring mode of UAV data + enterprise process control + online monitoring system, to achieve large-scale aerial deployment, and cooperate with environmental protection supervisors to carry out environmental monitoring on-site Reconnaissance, monitoring and evidence collection, data acquisition, pollution source search and other tasks, carry out refined and comprehensive image evidence collection, which has facilitated the development of the province’s environmental protection supervision business.

The main flight operation areas are near the factory clusters in various cities. In some cities, the smog is relatively heavy, the temperature is lower than 0 degrees, the wind is strong, and the weather environment is complex, which is a great test for the performance of the drone.

— Air Quality Testing Solutions —

Product Portfolio

Core Advantages
SMD Ultra-Long Endurance Tilting VTOL UAV V330A+ Gas Detection Module

200-minute ultra-long voyage time, 250-kilometer ultra-long-distance voyage, the largest single sortie covers an area of 100 square kilometers, and the monitoring range is wider;

Vertical take-off and landing, not limited by terrain, and diverse operating environments;

Optional data transmission via 4G/5G network, not limited by distance;

Quickly get various indicators in the air of the local area;

It adopts the V330A UAV V330A with ultra-long endurance tilting and hanging, equipped with a gas detection module, and cooperates with environmental law enforcement personnel to conduct real-time online monitoring of the atmosphere in problematic areas. It can realize fixed-point monitoring, regional monitoring, etc., and carry out data return. Including PM2.5, PM2.10, carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen concentration, various toxic gases, etc., observe whether the data of each gas is normal/exceeded, collect evidence for environmental law enforcement, and facilitate ground personnel to respond quickly, comprehensively coordinate, and conduct on-site inspections in a timely manner investigation. During the flight operation, the maximum wind force can reach level 5~6, and the V330A has level flight level 7 wind resistance, which can maintain a stable flight and adapt to various adverse external environments. The working temperature is -20~60°C, which can guarantee The best working results. A total of dozens of sorties were flown throughout the whole process, with a total of nearly 1,000 kilometers, and the air quality inspection task was efficiently completed.
Application Case
  • Areas that are difficult for environmental law enforcement personnel to enter: mines, lakes, rivers, etc.;
  • Real-time monitoring of non-normal operation of air pollution prevention and control facilities in key enterprises, black chimneys, and excessive exhaust emissions;
  • Illegal burning of straw and garbage, etc.;
  • Real-time online monitoring of environmental data after atmospheric emergencies: fire, gas explosion, chemical leakage, etc.;

— Water Resource Testing Solution —

Product Portfolio

Core Advantages
SMD Long Endurance Tilting UAV V330A + Infrared Thermal Imaging Module/Multispectral Module

Flexible and easy to operate;

Vertical take-off and landing, free from terrain interference;

All-weather real-time online monitoring, not limited by time;

Optional data transmission via 4G/5G network, not limited by distance;

Quickly get various indicators in the waters of the local area;

SMD V330A UAV equipped with infrared thermal imaging module for flight operations, the ground station independently plans the route, flies according to the established route, conducts online, fast, three-dimensional and dynamic environmental monitoring of rivers, sea water and other waters around the clock, and sends back high-definition real-time Images and data form an overall cognition of the environment in a large area. The polluted water source can be found through the color difference of the image, and the source of the pollution can be accurately located. Investigating and dealing with environmental problems provides accurate evidence, which can effectively crack down on illegal sewage discharges by enterprises, and the effect is remarkable and has an immediate effect.

At the same time, SMD also provides a water quality monitoring solution with a V330A drone equipped with a multispectral camera. Multispectral images are obtained through aerial flight operations. Multispectral remote sensing water quality monitoring can accurately extract and identify the spectral features of ground objects in the target area. Timely locate the polluted area, polluted area and concentration, help evaluate the pollution situation, and further track the pollution status, confirm the pollution source, assist the environmental supervision department to formulate an environmental protection treatment plan, improve the effectiveness of water resource pollution supervision, and realize fine water resource management management.

Application Case

Monitoring of rivers, sea water, factory sewage outlets, and visible floating objects on water;

Sea area monitoring and surveillance after oil spills;
Monitoring of sewage discharge and operation of filtration facilities in key enterprises such as iron and steel, petroleum and petrochemical, and electric power;
Monitoring of nighttime pollution control facility outage and nighttime pollution source discharge;

— Enterprise Illegal Operation Detection Solution —

Product Portfolio

Core Advantages
SMD Long Endurance Tilting Drone V330A+Visible Light Camera/Black Card Camera omnidirectional, three-dimensional, Seamless coverage of monitoring targets; Significantly reduce the field work intensity and inspection time of law enforcement personnel, and improve supervision efficiency; Real-time return of data images, the first time to obtain evidence of illegal acts, high timeliness.
SMD V330A UAV is equipped with a visible light camera to conduct comprehensive monitoring of illegal mining and illegal operation of factories and enterprises in the air, and sends back data images to the ground station and command hall in real time, so as to achieve precise force and realize There are no blind spots and no dead angles for aerial inspection operations, and when abnormalities are found, command and dispatch can be carried out as soon as possible, providing staff with accurate and efficient data support. SMD V330A UAV is equipped with a black card camera to conduct large-scale and high-precision surveying and mapping of the target area in the air, establish a 3D model, obtain the accurate visualization and topography of the target area, and conduct comparative analysis to provide services for the investigation of illegal facilities in enterprises and factories. Effective assistance. Compared with traditional monitoring methods, drones can help environmental supervisors quickly locate problems, effectively obtain evidence, and broaden the coverage of environmental law enforcement.
Application Case
  • Monitoring and supervision of illegal and random mining by factories and enterprises;
  • Conduct monitoring and supervision of illegal operation and wanton discharge of pollutants by factories and enterprises;
  • Investigate and control illegal facilities in factories and enterprises;
  • Carry out surveying and mapping for water conservancy, land and other resources, so that local environmental protection departments can grasp the overall environmental status, and then adjust and deploy environmental protection policies and related actions in a timely and effective manner at the macro level;
SMD successfully delivered this time, and cooperated with the Shaanxi Environmental Protection Department to efficiently complete the systematic environmental protection monitoring and law enforcement flight tasks, and carried out actual flight operations in various modes, so that the UAV environmental law enforcement can give full play to its flexibility. The advantages reflect the value of its monitoring, evidence collection and surveying and mapping, enhance the local environmental protection supervision ability, make environmental monitoring and law enforcement more efficient and professional, and have been well received by the local environmental protection department! In the future, SMD will also continue to improve and optimize the human-machine cooperation mechanism, and effectively help promote and enhance my country’s environmental protection supervision and governance capabilities.

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