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Application of V330 PRO VTOL Fixed Wing UAV in Forest Fire Prevention

A few days ago, forest fire prevention has entered a critical period. In order to prevent and reduce the occurrence of forest fires, a local town government made full use of modern scientific and technological means to use the V330 PRO vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing UAV of SMD UAV to assist forest fire prevention work, effectively improving Improve the inspection efficiency and early warning capabilities of forest fire prevention.

V330 PRO UAV is like a pair of electronic eyes in the air, constantly inspecting the ground, and live broadcasting the inspection screen to the ground workstation, so that the forest rangers can view and supervise in real time. The forest ranger said that the V330 PRO drone patrols the mountains with wider coverage, faster response, and higher efficiency. It can effectively solve the problems of long time-consuming manual mountain patrols, small range, and inaccessibility of dead corners in forest areas.

After a local town government entered the fire prevention period this year, on the basis of manual mountain patrolling, it deployed two V330 PRO drones to assist in mountain fire prevention work, and inspected each forest fire prevention site at least once or twice a day. The combination of “human defense + technical defense” and “air + ground” for mountain patrol and fire prevention can not only improve the efficiency of forest patrolling, but also obtain fire site information through drones when a fire is discovered. Geographical location information, fire spread trend and other key information for fire extinguishing, make judgments at the first time and implement the best rescue path to extinguish the fire in time.

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