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Applications of V330 PRO VTOL Fixed Wing UAV in Public Safety

1. Highway Inspection

A road administration department used the V330 PRO drone to patrol the road conditions and live broadcast the road conditions. Scout-V330 Pro drone has longer endurance, more intelligence, and at the same time flies high and sees far, especially when facing road congestion on highways due to holidays, accidents, weather and other factors, V330 PRO equipped high-definition camera which can transmit the picture to the monitoring platform in real time at quickest, which is convenient for the high-speed traffic police to deploy police forces according to the aerial photography of road conditions.

V330 Pro UAV captures illegal activities. The monitoring probes on the expressway are fixed and cannot effectively capture illegal activities. The video recording and speed measuring equipment on the V330 PRO UAV can fix vehicle violations in all directions and effectively maintain the normal order of the highway.

At present, the pavement inspection work of the expressway is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It can deploy and control multiple V330 PRO drones at the same time through autonomous flight, multi-unit network and other working methods. It can not only quickly complete the expressway pavement patrol task, but also ensure uninterrupted patrol frequency around the clock, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the road administration department.

2. Border Patrol Anti-smuggling

The reconnaissance and surveillance of the V330 Pro drone is the main action throughout the entire patrol and anti-smuggling mission. It can provide timely and accurate real-time intelligence support in border areas for decision-making. With the support of satellites, the Scout-V330 Pro UAV can be used as an important part of the battlefield warning system. It conducts reconnaissance and early warning in the air alternately for a long time, and implements security warnings for border patrols and anti-smuggling areas.

At the beginning of 2022, when a branch of Guangdong Province used the Scout-V330 Pro UAV to perform patrol tasks in border areas, it used the Scout-V330 Pro UAV to carry out reconnaissance and search with a synthetic aperture radar. It can distinguish fixed targets and moving targets from ground clutter, and can effectively identify camouflage and penetrate cover. It has all-weather reconnaissance capabilities and cracks down on illegal and criminal activities.

In view of the large flow of people entering and exiting the border, and serious criminal activities such as smuggling and smuggling, it is objectively required that the frontier department perform tasks at a long distance and respond quickly. However, due to the complex geographical location of the border defense area, the key areas of border monitoring such as the unattended border defense station site and the entry and exit port site are widely distributed, and are far away from the monitoring center, resulting in inconvenience in the use of wired networks. Traditional monitoring has not been able to meet the needs of border monitoring well. With the rapid development of UAV technology, the application of Scout-V330 Pro UAV has rapidly improved the technology and intelligence of the border monitoring system. 

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