Preface:Because UAV has the characteristics of low operating cost, risk of casualties, good maneuverability, over-the-horizon flight, convenient and efficient use, it has been successfully applied in aviation photography, aerial monitoring, emergency rescue, aviation logistics, pipeline inspection, geological exploration, pesticide spraying, commercial performance and other fields, and more and more industries hope to replace the traditional working mode with UAV.

UAV application technology belongs to emerging high-tech. Due to the late start of UAV application technology in China, there is an urgent demand for UAV application technology talents from UAV R&D, production, marketing, after-sales, application and other institutions. The talent demand gap is large and the supply is in short supply. Therefore, UAV application technology talents are highly paid jobs that are desirable, and are also one of the scarce talents in the country.

Introduction to Flight Academy

SMD UAV Flight Academy was founded in 2017. In line with the teaching concept of "teaching students according to their aptitude and applying what they have learned", it specially offers AOPA multi-rotor test class, AOPA vertical takeoff and landing fixed wing test class, UAV professional training and employment class, etc.

Our company has many instructors, more than 20 training equipment, covering all models required for training, 18 simulation aircraft, and more than 20000 square meters of legal airspace approved by the southern theater.

Training Style


Training Qualification / Legal Airspace

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